Urolithiasis guide

based on Scandinavian guidelines

About UrolithiasisGuide
This is the internet version of 1.st. edition of the leaflet “Urolithiasis guide - Metabolisk udredning, klassifikation og medicinsk behandling af patienter med urinvejssten”, ("Urolithiasis guide - Metabolic evaluation, classification and medical management of patients with urinary lithiasis" ) published May 2012, which was an update based on the 4.th edition of the leaflet “Metabolisk udredning og medicinsk behandling af patienter med urinvejssten” published by Palle Osther.

The internet version differs from the printed version in some points, and additional information has been added.

It is meant to be a simple guide to assist the clinician, and an aid to diagnose causes of stone formation, to classify patients according to the underlying cause, in order to offer selective treatment and prophylaxis.

This guideline is based on and compliant with the ”Guidelines from Scandinavian Cooperative Group for Urinary Stones”, published in 1999, but has been adjusted in some points.

The prevalence figures are from the "DanSten Study 2002-2004", a Danish national survey in which patients were evaluated and classified according to the above mentioned guidelines.

Web versions available in

  • Danish since 2012
  • Norwegian since 2016
  • Swedish since January 2017
  • Finish since February 2017

An English version is scheduled for 2021

Kim Hovgaard Andreassen & Palle Jørn Sloth Osther
Updated 2021, September 16.
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